Effective January 2019, Red the Uniform Tailor became a Hospitality Division of Unisync (Nevada) LLC.

Our uniqueness historically continues into the exciting future, so we share that with you here:

Red the Uniform Tailor is unique in many ways, foremost of which is that we are both manufacturers AND distributors.   RTUT controls all aspects of the manufacturing process, from concept and design to fabric sourcing, pattern-making, quality control.

We combine domestic manufacturing with overseas production, enabling us to meet the budgetary needs of a wide range of customers.   We can provide low-cost start-up inventories from foreign sources with domestically made products to meet the requirements of unusual sizes or special time constraints.  At the same time we are distributors for well over 300 vendors, and we can offer stock or modified stock as well as custom garments as we craft your programs.

RTUT was an early adopter of technology, and has integrated corporate and web-aligned systems, with proprietary online private portals for agencies and companies of all sizes and types.

Our experienced sales staff has been in the industry longer than most companies survive.  Most have been with RTUT for many years, even decades.

RTUT’s apparel represents functionality, comfort and appearance; these factors are engineered into quality garments that are processed through multiple levels of quality control.